Dale Marie

Dale Marie

Will & Wands


Astrology, Reiki


  • Astrology: 7 years
  • Reiki: 12 years

Certifications & Initiations

  • Publicity Director and Board Member of the NYC Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR)
  • Graduate of the Oraculos School’s Foundations of Classical Astrology (FOCA) Intensive, taught by Mychal A Bryan
  • Mentee of certified professional astrologers Anne Ortelee and Catherine Goshen
  • Currently working on completion of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and NCGR certifications. 
  • Reiki Master Certification (attuned by Lisa Powers and studied Reiki I and II locally with Lynne Durbin and Kat Cook, respectively)
  • Shamballa Reiki Certification (attuned by Tala Wolf)

Why I do this work & my goal in working with clients

Astrology found me at a time when I desperately needed to make sense of the senseless. My hope is to share with clients the gift of understanding and self-awareness that the natal chart provides, realizing that nothing is set in stone … free will always prevails … but it never hurts to have a compass to guide us!

Booking and more information:


Phone: 704-578-2320

Personal Experience and Bio

Hello! I’m Dale, an astrologer, spiritual cosmologist, metaphysical maven, reiki master, chartered herbalist, tarot reader, and selenophile (a cool word that means I love the Moon!).
At my core, though, I’m an analyst. When I see a problem, I want to dissect it… understand it… find the root cause…and then…transform it.

And that’s really how this all began for me…how I first stumbled down the metaphysical rabbit hole…beginning with energy medicine and reiki. While researching my health issues and alternative ways to “fix” things that conventional medicine wasn’t helping me address, I landed on some online discussions of energy medicine, quantum healing, and reiki. As I dug deeper, my left brain was surprised to find research to back these modalities with science.

My interest was piqued. And the rabbit hole was deep!

Since my journey began in 2011, I’ve discovered some of the most amazing things about the Universe in which we live…about the potential within us….and about the overlooked and forgotten tools available to harness our potential. My mission is to continue exploring the ancient wisdom of the cosmos and to share as much of my knowledge with as many people as possible, making practical use of timeless truths in modern times.



My passion is understanding the energies of the planets, asteroids, and stars and using that understanding to understand the self better and navigate the uncertain world around us.


I am a Certified Reiki Master with lineage directly connected to the founder of Usui Reiki, Mikao Usui. Sending reiki to animals is one of my favorite ways to use this modality!

Services offered


  • Transit or Custom Consultation
  • Mini Natal Consultation
  • Mini Consultation: Venus
  • Mini Consultation: Midhaven
  • Mini Consultation: Elements, Signs, Houses