One on One Bhula (readings), with Gogo Nomabhunu 05/07/23

One on One Buhla (readings), with Gogo Nomabhunu 05/07/23

Sangomas can access advice and guidance from their ancestors for their clients in many different ways. During these sessions, they can let their ego step aside to receive messages directly from Spirit, to give you guidance for life and personal growth.

The sangoma will provide specific information about the issues each client wants to work on. Some sangomas speak to their clients through regular conversation, while others may speak in their native South African languages. 

Not all sangomas follow the same rituals or beliefs. For example, Gogo Nomabhunu works with the Abalozi through her readings.  This is a deep spiritual relationship that she has developed over many years. She will do divination by throwing the bones and working with water or Candles. She is guided to do these readings without touching or looking the person in the eye.

Each private session is 1 hour, and the cost is $140, payable at the time of booking. Please use this link to

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